Top Rated Airgun Scopes On The Market Reviews For 2018

If  you are reading this, you just landed in the most extensive review of  “The Best Air Rifle Scope For The Money”. This buyers guide covers the best airgun scopes on the market and be sure, that you will get utmost value.  This is an excellent addition for when you may be buying the best pellet gun on the market.

Top 5 Air Gun Scopes For The Money Reviewed

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Rifle Scope review

If you own hunting rifles or a pellet gun, investing your money in the optical system of its scope is essential to possibly replace your iron sights. Certainly, you will feel good knowing that you spent your money on the best hunter scope.

You will never experience a superb shooting experience if you fail to hit the target. Today, shooting interest is increasing making rifle accessories a common product in the market.

Our concern here is that if you not careful enough you might find yourself buying a quality optics scope that will make you regret later.

The Bushnell Trophy TRS is fuss free and one of the best rifle scope for the money, therefore, a scope you should mount on your rifle.


Buying one of these powered scopes will not leave you broke because it’s cheap. Its price is just the best for its features.

You are welcome to our review so that you can find out whether this scope is worth buying.


  • It has multi-coated optics that allow you to view clear and brighter images even under poor lighting conditions. Moreover, its high-contrast amber lens coating gives a vivid appearance of colors.
  • It has an inbuilt sight that serve most of the functions that you may need for a lesser price.
  • The scope tube has a resistant construction that makes it water, fog and shockproof.
  • It comes with a zoom variable magnification application. You can manipulate the application according to your preferences, and this gives you the best aiming point.
  • It features unlimited eye relief, something you always look for in a scope. It exempts you from the worries of any weather since it performs incredibly well under all weather.


  • It is relatively cheap, and this price does not sacrifice the quality. Although it’s cheaper than the other scopes for air rifles, it features incredible functions. If you buy this scope, you are buying a great feature at a lower cost.
  • Its construction is strong. This means that the scope is durable enough to withstand normal game or a serious hunt.
  • Its sight is excellently built, simple and rugged. This is all you need for a serious hunt.
  • It comes with a simple and bright micro dot sight. You can adjust this dot according to your preferences or the weather demands.
  • It also comes with a mounting hardware ring, unlike other scopes that require you to buy the rings separately.


  • Its battery life is short, and this means you will need to turn it off whenever you are not using.
  • Although the brightness knob is good, manipulating it is hard. You will find it stiff when you to try to adjust it, but it requires your persistence.

Bottom Line:

We hope that this review helped you in picking this product. When we talk about quality sights, this scope is definitely great.

The price of this product takes account of the value. What is it that make this rifle scope standout from the other scopes? Definitely the answer is its affordability.

It’s an alternative to most expensive sights offered by the top brands.

It will also help you in securing a clear precision. It is suitable for close combat featuring in the only list available on the market.

In contrast to the other top brands, Bushnell Trophy TRS offer the best sight functions in economic terms.

What are you waiting for? Just go to Amazon, check price and buy your Bushnell Trophy rifle scope and have the experience by yourself.

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Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Mildot Reticle Rifle Scope

Certainly, shooting games require not just great skills but a compliment of the right equipment to match them.

Are you looking for the best rifle scope for the money? If you have not checked out the Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Mil Dot Reticle, you can afford not go through its features.

Most customers who have used this scope love its elegant exterior, accurate and functional features.

If you want to improve your shooting skills whether target shooting long or close range, you must read this article to find out what to expect from this scope.

There exist many ways of improving your accuracy in hunting. However, you only need to equip yourself with the best equipment.

Bushnell AR is your versatile piece that gives you the best performance.


Just like any other weapon accessory, you may need assurance that you are spending your money on the right product.

Check out our reviews here and find out why Bushnell AR Optics shines out more than other gun scopes in this class.


  • It has durable construction. The casing of this hunting scope is completely sealed, and this makes it both water and fog proof. This construction makes it ideal for use in any weather without fearing that its performance will decrease. The mounting systems are very well built.  This scope will cost you less in terms of maintenance.
  • It features a high-grade rifle scope technology. It has an inbuilt side parallax adjustments that gives accurate pinpointing of the target turrets. Besides, as an AO rifle scope, it has side controls that permit minute adjustment for further focus on the target.
  • It has a multi-coated lens. This scope has different layers of coating on the lenses. These coatings help you in maintaining clear vision whether you shift from one magnification to another. This feature enables you to focus and hit the target without notice.
  • It has a 3×-9×magnification power. This power is ideal for both mid and long range shooting. You will zoom in from 3× to 9× without blurring your images.
  • All its controls are labeled. Unlike other scopes, all the control panels of this scope have labels that guide the beginners. Some controls in other scopes are hard to find during times of confusion. However, with Bushnell AR Optics you get all the control panels even if you are confused.


  • Its structure is detailed enough. The entire body, controls, and lens diameter synchronizes well so that they deliver functions and features that are absent in the previous models.
  • You enjoy readable controls. All its control panels have labels. You will, therefore, have easy access to them without any delay when operating your rifle.
  • It is the most affordable. You can buy it cheaply from Amazon and enjoy its explicit functions and features. The price ranges makes it easier to replace your old rifle scope.


  • If you have serious sight conditions, this scope will not deliver its functions and features well. However, it is not that the scope deteriorates your sight but if you have those conditions, you will just find it ineffective.
  • Its reticle does not guarantee that scope will fit well in your rifle.
  • Some structures of your rifle may hinder you from using the scope because of the discomfort caused by the awkward positioning of the scope in the rifle.

Bottom Line:

So far it is apparent that Bushnell AR Optics Scope is one of the best rifle scopes. The fascinating features and functions of this rifle scope will satisfy all your scope requirements.

You will have ease when using your rifles because of the best performance that this scope brings.

With this rifle scope, you don’t have to make trial and error in shooting your target. It gives just all that you may need for a superb game.

It’s time to enhance your skills with Bushnell AR rifle scope. You will never regret purchasing this scope for your rifles.


Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Rifle scope

Are you looking for a scope that will make you a master in every hunting mission? Millet 4-16×50 is the rifle scope you are looking.

It has a virtually bullet proof design. Besides, it’s loaded with a Mil-Do bar reticle system that maximizes light transmission under low light.

It spells a serious business by giving precision shooting under challenging situations. It is, therefore, ideal for serious shooters.It’s one of the best rifle scope for the money!

The designers factored in the interests of target shooters and serious hunters into when designing this scope.

This scope features the functions that the most demanding shooter require. This scope is cheap and, therefore, right for your constrained budget.


In this article, we will give the reviews of its features, Pros, and Cons. Kindly read on to find out why you should have this scope.


  • It has a 4-16× magnification strength and a 50mm wide objective lens. Just as I have already said above, it’s one of the best scopes for serious hunters. Why? Because its magnification is versatile, flexible and wide. The objective lens is larger than other scopes we have already reviewed (50mm). This size enhances clarity and ensures shooting is accurate.
  • It has an illuminated Mil-dot Bar reticle system. This reticle helps you to have a clear focus whether in low light or wide distances. Did you think that it is not perfect for long distances? This is not true. This scope has a thin line, dot, and Adjustable green illumination that enhances shooting accuracy.
  • It comes with a multicoated optics. This scope is for serious hunters like you. It gives you bright and crisp images with a 3.5-inch eye relief. The scope gives you accuracy when releasing our bullet.
  • It has a high focus range; you will have a clear focus about 15 yards, and, therefore, it’s great for long range shooting.


  • It is waterproof, shock proof and has a bullet proof design.
  • It can give you crispy and clear images despite your low lights.
  • It’s the ideal scope for serious hunter who love long range shooting because it delivers your bullet with accuracy.
  • Its handles and knobs are ergonomic and are easy to navigate.
  • It comes with an adjustable green illumination light that enhances precision in different lighting conditions.
  • It has a high focus range from15 yards to infinity.
  • It is light weight, compact and can fit in any bag big or small.


  • The prime limitations.
  • It does not come with mount rings; therefore you must buy them in a separate package.
  • For beginners, you will have a hard time with images because some may appear blurred if you don’t have sufficient exposure to this tactical rifle scope.
  • Its tube can   obscure the area on either side of the target, this distorts your magnification.
  • If you are a sniper who conceals yourself, this is not the right scope because when the light hit the lens it can reflect back.
  • This scope is also expensive as compared to other scopes in this category.

Bottom Line:

This rifle scope will never fail you. You will agree with me that it’s equal to many top brands in the market.

The price of this scope on Amazon is good considering its features the value is worth that price.

For sure you can’t afford not to buy one. You will never regret buying this scope.

Besides, if you are long range shooter, this is your scope that will give you more precision shooting. The bullet proof design gives it a shock proof properties.

It will, therefore, withstand any challenging condition it goes through. I hope this article was useful in picking this scope.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your Millett tactical scope today.


Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Rifle scope

If you are looking to get the best results in your hunting games, then you ought to equip your rifle with a classic rifle scope.

In hunting, distance is sometimes paramount and, therefore, to enhance the accuracy of your rifle its scope capacities must be strong enough to make maximum magnification of the target.

There exists a great difference in the rifle scope magnification strength and, therefore, advisable that before buying riflescope accessories, you should, first of all, consider the specs it supports.

In this category of rifle scopes, Nikon ProStaff Black Matte Rifle scope stand out in a unique way from other rifle scopes in this category.


In this section, we will explore key features, advantages and the limitations that make the Nikon ProStaff Black Matte Rifle scope an exceptional rifle accessory.

It’s, therefore, a must read stuff for you if you are looking for clarity of focus when you go out for the game.


  • It comes with a compact rifle scope. Its scope has a wide 3 to 9×magnification power that is supported by the 40mm objective lens.

This versatility in magnification strength ensures clarity of the target where the cover is heavy and distance is large as well.

The magnification power of the rifle scope allows flexibility and good performance in thick brush or timber.

  • It has a fully multi coated optical system. This scope can transmit up to 98{adbaed30c3f0fc133011b385b47f7fe72b949266d8bef129815351b4303ad912} of available light thereby striking a balance of maximum brightness during the day or the night (not real night vision but quite good).
  • A shooters confidence is boosted by a generous and a constant eye relief. Nikon ProStaff features a zero-reset adjustable turret that is loaded with a spring adjustment knob. The spring-loaded adjustment knob makes the field adjustments simpler and easier, and this will give an eye relief of 3.6 inches.
  • The scope comes with a nitrogen filled and an O-ring sealed housing that ensure its waterproof and its performance in foggy weather is great. Also supports optional sunshade accessory for a rainy, bright and dusty conditions.
  • It features a 12.4-inch adjustable reticle that has a quick-focus eyepiece that enhances the chances of hitting your target at ranges exceeding those that were previously thought possible.

Along with this, there are ballistic circles that offer an incredible advantage for long range shooting and yet normal sight pictures for shorter range shots.


According to the views of most customers who have used this scope in their rifles, Nikon Prostaff Rifle scope is amazing  and rated as the best rifle scope for the money.

There are many and expensive scopes in this category; however, most customers says that Nikon ProStaff have the best performance, and when you do a side by side comparisons of the scopes, Nikon ProStaff is of worth buying.

Thanks to its lifetime warranty. It’s one of the best value scopes in the market. Also, most customers who used this scope were impressed by its exceptional magnification power that guarantees great performance in all landscapes.


Most customers find Nikon ProStaff scope been larger than the previous versions and, therefore, they are required to have higher scope rings.

Bottom Line:

Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Matte Rifle scope is one of the best in guaranteeing your shooting level of confidence.

It is also the best accessory for the money. Try it today and experience the 3.6-inch eye relief.


Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Rifle Scope

Here, we will rate this rifle scope according to its features, performance, pros, and cons. Based on this criterion, we can to determine whether it is among the best long range rifle scope in this category.

In doing this, we hope that we will help you see for yourself whether it’s real among the best scopes. Its one of the best rifle scope for the money.

We also hope that you will decide whether its value is worth the price.



  • It has a 4x-12x magnification power. With all the magnification settings from 4 to 12 available this scope is worth spending your money. Furthermore, this strength is also enhanced by its objective lens that is 40mm wide. If you are planning for long range shooting this your scope.
  • It allows up to 98% light transmission. With a fully multicoated optical system, this scope maximizes light transmission up to 98%.

It’s, therefore, capable of performing well in low light conditions. As a result it’s your best scope for hunting considering that the best hunting moments are at dawn and dusk.

This scope will give you brighter and crispy images if you set to zoom at 12×. Besides, its excellent light transmission makes it a perfect deal for long range shooting.

  • It has a Zero-reset turret system with a spring-loaded adjustment knob. This scope has a nice turret fitted with a spring loaded adjustment. The zero-reset feature makes the adjustment quick and easy. They also make the turning of the scope simple and more accurate.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof. This scope comes with nitrogen filled, and O-ring sealed housing. It’s housing that makes the scope both waterproof and fog proof. Ideally, if you have this scope, it will function well under the challenging weather.
  • Its BDC reticle can see through the ballistic circles. It’s, therefore, capable of making delivery of bullets quite easy. Besides, it’s also great for long range shooting because it has a parallax setting of 100 yards.
  • It has a quick focus eyepiece that gives a 3.7-inch eye relief. It enhances the comfort of use, and you will not strain your eyes. Amazingly, it supports a sunshade accessory.


  • The multicoated optical system utilizes maximizes available light up to 98%. It will, therefore, give you maximum brightness even in low lighting conditions.
  • It comes with a zero-reset turret, this simplify adjustments of the knob.
  • Its BDC reticle makes it possible for you to use all the ranges even those that were impossible.
  • It comes with a unique see-through ballistic circles, and this feature makes it ideal for long range shooting while on your normal sight.
  • It nitrogen filled and O-ring-sealed housing makes it waterproof and fog proof. It can perform well on a rainy or humid weather.
  • It supports an optional sunshade accessory that blends well with dusty environments. This feature makes it a perfect suit for hunters who hunt in diverse conditions.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • This scope is suitable for mid-long range shooting.
  • It requires low light conditions for effective performance

Bottom Line:

Features loaded in this scope are worth its price.

It is also one of the best long range riflescope. We hope that our reviews were useful in picking this scope.

If you are still undecided, just ask someone who has exposure with the scope. If you are looking for a great riflescope, then this is must buy Riflescope for you.

Secure your best rifle scope for the money today and you will never regret making the purchase.


We hope this buying guide gives you all you need to know in purchasing your next air rifle scope.

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