Is The Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT The Best Gamo Air Rifle?

Gamo air rifles are popular to many people so far. Today I’m going to review the Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle, IGT air rifle. I’m going to look at the key features that make this product distinct from other rifles in this category.

This product is 43 inches long, and its barrel is 18-inches. Some of the features I’m going to elaborate on are design, shooting accuracy, length, weight and the cocking effort.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle, IGT Video Review





While going for a hunting rifle, we highly recommend our customers first to come up with a draft that defines what specs they are looking forward to feature in the rifles. A good gun requires a personal devotion to research since every product will have features suited to achieve specific objectives.

Therefore, to achieve the best hunting experience from your rifle everything crucial in the game ought to feature in the product. This article takes you through the core features and merits of owning a whisper fusion gun. This desire makes it a must for you to read this article.

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  • The design of a rifle means a lot to most hunters; this model has a stylish design that appeals to the eyes.
  • Many hunters emphasize more on the shooting accuracy of the rifle, this is your perfect choice as it’s highly accurate. Therefore, it is rare for you to miss your target
  • It has a lightweight, solid and sturdy construction; it weighs just 8lbs despite the long fluted and jacketed steel barrel. The barrel is surrounded by an all-weather synthetic material that reduces the overall weight of the gun. It’s light weight makes it easy to carry it around
  • The safety of any weapon or tool is paramount to every operator and his team. The Gamo whisper has better safety functions. It has an automatic cocking safety system that ensures that any movement of the trigger position while locking the rifle does not release the firearm. The manual safety system is comprehensive enough to ensure that the firearm is only released when you are ready to shoot.
  • The firing power is significant in hunting because it determines the probability of hitting and killing your target. This gun has the best combination of firing power, where it can fire PBA platinum pellets a speed of 1300 fps. Most people like this function
  • Many air rifles are noisy, and such noises cause a lot of discomfort to the operator and this makes the entire experience difficult by alerting the target while cocking the tool. The Gamo Whispers make a combination of the inert gas technology and an integrated noise dampener lodged in the barrel. This technology successfully absorbs excess noise making the rifle the most quite in the category.
  • What’s your take on you’re a simple user interface? The whisper fusion is simple to operate as it features an adjustable cheek piece. The cheek piece can be adjusted by loosening and tightening the screw to lower or raise the piece.
  • It has an efficient 2 stage trigger mechanism for increased accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, trigger resistance can be customized in the second stage to fit a customer’s preferences.
  • Unlike the other versions, the whispers fusion rifle demands an extra cocking effort. Therefore, you are required to exert an extra effort when cocking the rifle. Besides, customers will always complain about the longest cocking stroke of this rifle as it barrel breaks to around 135 degrees.


  • It comes with a solid and a sturdy construction that enhances its efficiency
  • This gun is light in weight and, therefore, easy to carry around the whole day when out for the game.
  • This product is highly accurate with and without the scope, this guarantee you accuracy in hitting the target
  • It has the best firing power attributed to the gas piston propulsion mechanism.
  • It incorporates the inert gas technology that dampens excess noise released when firing. It features a 2-stage smooth action trigger mechanism that enhances concentration on the target.
  • It comes with a comprehensive manual safety system that minimizes mishaps while loading or cleaning the gun.
  • It comes with an adjustable cheekpiece


  • It has an average quality scope that can compromise its accuracy.
  • It demands a higher cocking effort.



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This air rifle is quickest and most powerful in its category. Ideally, it’s a noble purchase for a target shooter and an avid hunter. So far we believe that we have exposed you to the distinct features of the whisper fusion air rifle.

You can now make a noble buy decision. Since, the gun is relatively cheap, it’s time to shop your gun and transform your hunting experience. You can also read our article on Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT air rifle.


The Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle is highly recommended by our Editor and is our Editors Choice!

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