A Crosman 1077 Review (A Great Airgun Choice!)

Are you tired looking for a new pellet gun in the market? There are many models of air rifles, and this makes the selection of the best fit quite hard. However, all the air rifles out there have different features.

To save both time and money, it’s important to know the specs of your gun of interest. Kindly take your time read to this Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi Auto CO2 Pellet Gun Review and you’ll see why it shines in the market.

This buyers guide and review helps you to make the best purchase as well as prove why this gun is one of the best in this category.



  • This rifle features the most impeccable specs in this limited class as follows;
  • It’s a semi automatic hence easy to operate.  Rapidly fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Excellent shooting velocity of about 625 fps.
  • 12-shot rotary speed loader pellet clips system.
  • It has an adjustable iron rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.  I would upgrade to a red dot sight personally.
  • It’s made of a synthetic stock (instead of wood stocked) and steel barrel that makes it ideal for any weather.
  • It has cartridges that power the pellet gun
  • It’s light weight and easy to carry around and operate
  • It has excellent safety mechanism making it a perfect gun for adults and children alike.
  • It is versatile, and it, therefore, have many uses ranging from target shooting to pest control.
  • Comes with detailed owners manual.


  • Its price compensates the value
  • It is fast and capable of shooting hollow point or other types of pellets at a velocity of 625 feet/second.
  • It has lightweight and is easy to use
  • It uses cartridges for power; therefore you don’t have to pump up like in many rifles
  • It has a sturdy structure and is compact enough for use by persons with smaller arms.
  • The safety mechanism is well fitted and functions well
  • It flaunts a semi-automatic action
  • It comes with a useful 12 shot clip; therefore you do not have to load the gun again and again after every shot.


  • It lacks the rugged construction as large part of the rifle is made of a plastic
  • The cartridges do not provide enough power required for consistent accuracy
  • The cartridge is a recurring expense associated with this gun unlike pumping in the other rifles
  • It’s unreliable because its power fall off when the cartridge gets down
  • It’s warranty period seems impractical as it’s valid for only three months

What Others Are Saying About It

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The Crossman semi-automatic rifle is one of the best in this category and great value for the money (look here if you are still asking yourself, what is the best air rifle). It gives you an opportunity to shoot at a velocity of 625 feet/second (among other prime features that distinguishes it from the rest in the market).

Having read this Crosman 1077 Review and buying guide, there is no doubt that you have gained enough insights on the specs and performances of the rifle. Define your spec preferences and go out for this gun. It times to transform your hunting experience with Crosman repeat air semi-automatic air rifle. You can also consider reading our reviews on other rifles like classic Crosman air rifle and Whisper Fusion air rifle.

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